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‘A Vote for Trump Is a Vote for Yourself’: Iconic Boxing Promoter Don King Endorses Trump for President


Don King has spoken, America. The Don King, I mean.

The 92-year-old legendary boxing promoter on Wednesday endorsed former President Donald Trump to become future President Donald Trump in November.


Like Trump, King has never been afraid to speak his exact mind. 

Referring to the former president as “the only man who’s got the intestinal fortitude to be able to stand up and fight the system like it should be fought,” King’s endorsement of Trump was unequivocal.

Get reelected. And we must reelect him to save ourselves. You know, a vote for Trump is a vote for yourself. Because we’ve got to fight the system of lies and the creation of wrong being right and right being wrong. That’s got to be eliminated.

Say what you will about Don King, but the sometimes controversial promoter hit the 2024 presidential nail on the head— and in fewer words than most politicians use, just warming up. 

‘He’d Be Muhammad Ali’

Ever the promoter, King, when asked, “If Trump were a boxer, who would he be?” went straight to the top of heavyweight boxing lore without missing a beat — for more than one reason.


He’d be Muhammad Ali. .. because he’s going to win. He’s going to run his mouth, he’s going to talk a lot and he’s going to win.

Whether we call it “running his mouth” or “speaking his mind,” Trump’s eagerness to tell us exactly what’s on his mind is legendary; maybe not as legendary as was Ali’s, but damn close.

So, do Don King and Donald Trump make strange bedfellows? Hardly. 

Following King’s endorsement of Trump in the 2016 presidential election, journalist Adam Howard wrote in an NBC News op-ed titled “Why Donald Trump and Don King Make Sense Together”:

The parallels between King and Trump have not been lost on longtime political watchers. Besides their oft-parodied hairstyles, both men have carved out successful careers as what some might call shameless self-promoters. 


[B]oth men have proven to be astonishingly resilient figures in American life. Their outsize personas have become a popular aspect of their brands, even if their hubris can often account for inopportune and incongruous public statements.

Howard’s analysis (the above segment, that is) was spot-on, in my opinion. There have been innumerable times over the years when both men have relied on their respective “outsize personas” to achieve success. And neither professional sports nor national politics is a game for wimps. 


Moreover, given the reality of today’s closely coordinated relationship between the left (including the Democrat Party) and the majority of the fawning media, it’s almost a requirement for a Republican presidential candidate to not only stand up for his or her rights, but to also stand up for the rights of everyday Americans, as Don King suggested. 

Yeah, this could work out just fine. Again.


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