How To Recognize The Different Types Of Necklace Chains

Necklaces made of sterling silver and gold are available in various designs, and their popularity is at an all-time high. They are worn constantly as fashion accessories by men and women of both sexes. The marketing for these products is done through chunky, open links that lead to profiles with more information.

Variety of Chains

Are you familiar with the concepts of a box and a rope chain? Don’t feel awful. Most people know that they appear distinct from one another, but they do not understand what sets them apart. It is helpful to know the many types of chains before purchasing a necklace, whether for personal use or as a gift.


Herringbone is a classic style of the necklace chain. It comprises a series of flat, short, parallel links set in an off-center pattern. Most herringbone chains have at least two rows of links. This simple chain type fits perfectly against the skin and can be worn with casual daywear or a conservative office outfit.


The bead or ball link style resembles chains holding dog tags in the military. A simple string of silver balls close together makes up the bead chain. Chain necklaces can be long or short, often with pendants that add style. The size of bead chains ranges from 2mm to 10mm. A graduated, continuous chain of beads looks classic and like a pearl necklace.


Box links look like a chain made of wide, square cubes that are all tightly connected. The mirror box chain is another name for the box chain. When the polished sides of this style of chain catch and reflect light, they make it look like it’s on fire. A box chain link looks great on its own, but a pendant looks great on a smaller one. This solid chain is long-lasting and will be worn daily for many years.


The chain of rope looks like a twisted cable. This spiral chain type consists of two or more interwoven oval links. Depending on the dimensions of the oval chain loops, the rope chain link can be thick or thin. Some rope chains have a cut that looks like a diamond and shines like one, too. For a sparkling evening necklace, choose a diamond rope chain.


The Miami Cuban necklace chain link, also called “Cuban,” has smooth lines and links that are close together and a little bit flattened. Men tend to like this style of necklace, which is heavy but elegant. Yet, smaller millimeter connections soften the appearance and are equally suited for a woman’s necklace.


A snake link necklace is made up of a long chain of round, curved metal rings that are linked together. The smooth, shiny, bendable chain looks like a snake, which is where the name comes from. A slide pendant is often attached to snake chain-link necklaces. This chain style is popular for necklaces because it is strong and lasts long.


The cable link necklace looks good on both men and women because it is simple. The chain comprises the classic oval or round rings that meet at 90-degree angles. This link style is probably recognizable from thick ID and charm bracelets. Men like the way that heavier cable necklaces look. Necklaces with delicate cable links for women can be worn with a pendant or layered with other chains.


The Italian Figaro necklace style is made up of round and square links. Usually, this design has one long rectangle or oval link followed by three small round links. This chain style was most popular in the 1990s but still has a strong fan base.


The rolo comprises a series of round links that connect in an alternating pattern. This gives a simple necklace the look of being very complicated. The links are smaller and somewhat thicker than those of a standard cable chain. The design is very strong and comes in many different sizes and styles.


Anchor chains are just what they sound like. The nautical design, also called a marine chain, looks much like a ship’s anchor chain. This kind of necklace comprises linked ovals and a bar in the middle of each link. They either lay flat or move back and forth like a Rolo or cable chain.


The wheat chain is made from a braided pattern of flat and twisted oval links. It has a unique texture that is different from most other necklace chains. The flexible weave looks like the heads of wheat stalks that have grown to full size. This chain is often worn by itself to show off its beautiful design.