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Stormy Details of Past Affairs: When a President Watched As His Aide Had Sex With a Girl


Most of what follows aren’t rumors. It’s not a Stormy Daniels, “she said- he said” allegation. There are multiple witness accounts. The president had quite a sexual appetite, beginning with his loss of virginity at 17 to a Harlem prostitute. After he was elected president, he arranged for a tryst with a 19-year-old White House intern. It lasted a year – perhaps because the teenage intern aged out. There were other interns and at least one famous movie star.


The president watched, and a Secret Service agent observed as the president’s Special Assistant was “banging a girl on the edge of pool” just feet away. One would think that the media would spend days, if not weeks reporting those details if they could verify that Trump was that president. But he wasn’t. That president was the mythical King of Camelot, the icon of the Democrat Party, and an equal to Lincoln in stature. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was that adulterous cad of a chief executive.

John Kennedy couldn’t keep his pants zipped and reportedly looked at his watch while he gave his sexual attention to extra-marital partners. From start to finish — 15 minutes was all the time they got. Then, out the door. It wasn’t a secret. His wife knew. The Secret Service knew. Reporters knew. J. Edgar Hoover knew and threatened to use Kennedy’s trysts as political blackmail. But JFK was the golden calf.

On Tuesday evening and flowing into late-night programming, MSNBC and CNN talking heads and talk show hosts let loose with invectives at Trump. They reveled in Stormy Daniels’s salacious testimony.

Here’s CNN’s characterization of Daniels’ testimony:

In a mostly casual and conversational tone, Daniels recounted details from the floors and furniture in Trump’s hotel room to the contents of his toiletry kit in the bathroom. At one point in court, Daniels threw back her arm and lifted her leg in the witness box to re-create the moment she says Trump posed on his hotel bed for her, stripped down to his undergarments.

But some of the details Daniels described were so explicit that Judge Juan Merchan cut her off at several points. And Trump’s lawyers argued that Daniels had unfairly prejudiced the jury, asking Merchan to declare a mistrial. The judge denied the request but added that some of the details from Daniels were “better left unsaid.”


A washed-up porn pin cushion and her story about blacking out and not remembering what happened should never have seen the light of day or the inside of a courtroom. Her new claims that it wasn’t “about the money” and her insistence that she was an apparent unwilling victim are equal parts garbage, legally irrelevant, and clearly intended to prejudice the 12-person jury. The scandalous testimony Judge Merchan allowed has been, without doubt, utterly irrelevant to the case at bar. Merchan is sheep-dogging a kangaroo court, a political show trial that the KGB’s Lavrenty Beria would be proud of.

I got your attention by leading with a false suggestion. Misdirection. That’s what the prosecution is doing in Manhattan. Trump wasn’t “banging” interns. And this trial isn’t about Daniels or her claims. It’s [supposed to be] about business documents. But the prosecution got what it wanted. A false suggestion that Trump may have raped Daniels. 

Orange Man bad.

The Manhattan trial and the blatant misconduct of the trial judge have made it crystal clear for Americans. This isn’t about what Trump did or didn’t do. It’s about getting Trump.

What John F. Kennedy did throughout his short presidency was far worse than what Trump is accused of. Kennedy cheated on his wife and watched other men cheat on their wives. Yet he is worshipped. Mythologized. Articles about his awful behavior still cast Kennedy as flawed but still, King Arthur.

Sure, Trump is rude and crass. More importantly, he’s a threat to the left. And because of it, he has four Soviet-style show trials to deal with. Why, then, is Trump leading in national polls? Why is that lead increasing while he sits in trial? Because most Americans see that the system is bullying Trump. Trump has been threatened with jail time. He’s been gagged and, in essence, told to shut up. America sees what’s happening. Most people don’t like bullies. Even a former president bullied by the system is anathema. Robert DeNiro can moan about the former president being a bully, but right now, Trump is just a defendant being told to shut up while the system railroads him with, excuse the pun, Trumped-up charges.


Americans won’t cotton to that. Bragg thought he was unleashing a Chimera. Instead, he might have guaranteed Trump’s reelection.

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