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WaPo Gushes for Brittany Griner As She Plays Victim and Plays Her ‘Donald Trump’ Card


The Washington Post is a champion of the oppressed and marginalized – which is why it published a 5,000-word excerpt of a ghost-written book by a celebrated black lesbian athlete millionaire. Brittany Griner holds three intersection titles that make her virtually invulnerable to criticism by legacy media. She is one of America’s least oppressed and most privileged citizens, but that doesn’t pay, so she plays her “I’m a victim” card. Griner resides in the rarefied air of celebrity and wealth and favored race, that cancels out her stupidity and hubris. In reality, she is an admitted convicted felon who was swapped for a Russian “Merchant of Death” in the worst prisoner exchanges in decades, maybe ever. Nonetheless, Griner manages to cast herself as the victim.


Coming Home is her second book of fiction disguised as a non-fiction memoir. For the most part, Griner has spent her career with a manly grip on victimhood. In her first book of complaints, she alleged that her coach at Baylor didn’t want her to reveal that she was a lesbian. Maybe Jussie Smollett was assaulted by MAGA-hat-wearing criminals. Maybe. 

In an absurdly long excerpt, the Washington Post allows Griner to Joan-of-Arc her arrest and felony conviction. Griner wasn’t responsible, of course; it was the evil Putin regime that set her up.  

The Washington Post tees up Griner’s sobfest with this

On Feb. 17, 2022, just days before Vladimir Putin’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, WNBA star Brittney Griner arrived in Moscow to join the Russian team she’d been playing for during U.S. offseasons(sic). Instead of joining her team, though, Griner was caught with small amounts of cannabis oil and imprisoned for more than nine months. This article — adapted from her memoir, “Coming Home” — is the story of how her ordeal began.

The reader is already bathed in WaPo slobber before reading a single word written by her “co-writer.”

The cover of Coming Home features a photo of Griner staring left in serious contemplation, reminiscent of one of the left’s favored aggrieved communists, Angela Davis. Griner’s co-writer (a/k/a, the person who wrote her book) details how Griner knowingly brought contraband into Russia, but claims she was being set up for years in the Gulag. In one pretty comical passage, Griner claims that because she is the daughter of a cop, she “knows” how drug dogs react. The Russian dog sniffing for contraband in Moscow didn’t react like USA drug dogs, so it must have been a setup.


Griner details how Russians dressed in either camo or various uniforms all spoke to her in broken English like the Rocky villain Drago: “I will break you.” After she was nabbed with a felony amount of contraband drugs Griner, predictably, claims her interrogators (likely under a single 40-watt light) got around to asking, about Trump. It went thusly

Another guy came in, blue camo uniform, didn’t speak, just sat by the door. Maybe a guard. Meanwhile, Anton started talking my ear off. Sometime between our duty-free showdown and now, his English had magically improved. “So, what do you think of LeBron?” he said with a grin. “Is he as good as Michael Jordan?” “No idea,” I muttered. He kept talking, not caring that I’d clearly caught on to his tactic. “How do you feel about Trump?” he asked. I flipped the script. “How do you feel about Trump?” I asked. He and the others laughed. “I think Trump’s great,” he said. 

Maybe that exchange happened. Maybe Biden is competent. Maybe the border is secure. Maybe. 

Maybe Griner gets around to admitting that she tried to smuggle drugs into Russia and got caught. Maybe she admits that it was a terrible, very bad deal for America to swap her for the “Merchant of Death” arms dealer. Maybe. 

Maybe pigs will fly. 


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